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Welcome to Cobblers Fine Sandwiches, soon to be known as Toasty Café! We are proud to be a local independent establishment that is continuing to be a favourite breakfast spot in Wakefield. 

People and Dogs Welcome!

Based in Wakefield West Yorkshire we serve customers with endearing kindness, care and hospitality. We endeavour to serve high quality food, from sandwiches to a good Full English Breakfast!  We are a local independent bespoke shop and we always aim to make your visit to Cobblers Fine Sandwiches one to remember!


Choose from our selection of high quality sandwiches made with lovely fresh bread by our incredible staff. Homemade soup, fresh salads and seasoned jacket potatoes are also available along with paninis, bagels, omelettes and more! Feeling overwhelmed with choices? Just ask the staff for a recommendation, they know the food better than anyone!


We are also dog friendly! Why not bring your pooch and we will have a slice of chicken with their name on it.

Throughout our site you can see our catering choices, menus, and find out more about us and how to reach out to us!



Hatice Petts

Cobblers Fine Sandwiches 

Toasty Café



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